TeachableOverview:Teachable is an online course creation platform that helps entrepreneurs transform their knowledge into a thriving business. With the new decade, and a new investor, they wanted to expand their offering — cementing themselves as the go-to partner for independent businesses owners. And they came to Instrument to help them reposition and rebrand for the next decade of growth.

Together we unpicked and unpacked who they were, and who they wanted to be in the future, to build a structurally sound and long lasting brand house. From positioning to values, brand statements to a tagline, this robust strategic work will help guide everything the Teachable brand does now and next.

Role: Creative Director
Client: Teachable
Agency: Instrument
Year: 2019

Through research, we discovered a common theme among Teachable success stories: they all started with personal passions or unique expertise that could be turned into a business.

So, we positioned Teachable as the perfect partner to help individuals transform their interests into thriving businesses. Our mission was simple: to empower people to "share what you know" and build a successful venture with Teachable's support. This approach resonated deeply with our audience and highlighted Teachable's role in fostering entrepreneurial success.

Inspired by editorial design principles, we developed a modern yet enduring brand identity for Teachable. This distinctive look not only distinguished them from competitors but also established them as a respected business partner from the start. Our efforts not only boosted their visual appeal but also strengthened their standing within the industry.

We carefully designed every aspect of Teachable's brand—from their website and social media to their logo and outdoor ads. Our goal was to create a flexible design system that could grow with Teachable as they expanded, while also capturing the unique personalities of their customers.

To maintain a consistent brand image across all platforms, we created a detailed Brand Book for Teachable. This guide ensures that their visual identity remains unified and can adapt as the company grows, catering to both present needs and future expansion.

It serves as a blueprint for evolving with Teachable's expanding business landscape, empowering them to maintain a cohesive brand presence as they continue to grow.


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