Following their 2020 Rebrand, Splice once again partnered with us for their inaugural brand campaign titled “Start with Sound.” Our objective was twofold: reignite Splice’s connection with its existing user base and enhance brand awareness to resonate with a fresh wave of musicians.

Through a series of stakeholder interviews, we recognized an opportunity to embark on a more significant endeavor. Rather than solely focusing on product features, we sought to tap into a universal truth—the essence of why Splice came into being in the first place. Whether you're a seasoned industry veteran or a novice producer, sound serves as the genesis of all creative endeavors. Our campaign celebrated sound as the impetus for creation, urging artists to begin with what inspires them most.

Role: Exec. Creative Director
Client: Splice
Agency: Instrument
Year: 2023

Building on our 2020 rebrand, we aimed to develop a system that seamlessly continued our brand identity while also establishing a distinct look and feel for our latest campaign. By employing a carefully curated color palette, dynamic italicized type treatment emphasizing the concept of "start," and a diverse range of textural imagery that visually interpreted sound, we crafted a unique expression of our brand.

Our goal was to create a fresh, inclusive atmosphere characterized by energy, upliftment, and authenticity. Through a wide array of imagery representing various genres, skill levels, and influences, we sought to capture the diverse essence of music.

Given the nature of the campaign centered around sound, we placed significant emphasis on the sonic aspects of creativity. From custom textural soundscapes to intricate sonic cues, we ensured that the campaign resonated not only visually but also through an immersive audio experience.


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