SpliceOverview:With millions of users – from top 40 hitmakers to bedroom producers – Splice has become synonymous with music creation. But like many fast-growing tech companies, the focus had been on building the product, and the brand was in need of a transformation.
 We collaborated with their team to prepare the brand for the future — evolving from a tech company that talks about music to a music company, with roots in tech, that lives and breathes music.

Role: Exec. Creative Director
Client: Splice
Agency: Instrument
Year: 2019

Through a series of interviews and work-sessions the vision for the future of Splice became crystal clear: to democratize music production and to be the creative home for any and all musicians. Centered around this vision we developed a consistent brand architecture and transformed the orientation of the organization from a technology platform to a music company, optimizing the Splice customer experience at every step of their journey.

Splice made it clear: they didn’t want to look and sound like any other company in the industry. So we paid careful attention to create a personality for the brand that equaled the worldwide culture and energy around modern music creation.

This meant creating a dynamic visual and verbal system that could accurately reflect this new direction for the brand across every touchpoint — positioning Splice as bold and rebellious risk-takers that rail against the norm, and embrace everyone, no matter who they are or the music they make.

Amplifying the expressive nature of that personality, we developed a design system that can flex and respond to any type of content – from social franchises and product features to sample packs and merchandise, and everything in between.

With a robust icon system that builds on the recognition of the original logo, a custom variable typeface, a dynamic palette of vibrant hues and an owneable photography treatment that chops and echoes imagery as if it were music, we developed a graphic language as versatile as the ever-expanding diversity of music and talent that are using the platform.

Working closely with the teams at Splice, we crafted an all-new brand book consisting of the brand foundations, the design and messaging system, photography guidelines, and dozens of tangible expressions of how the brand could come to life .

With this toolkit in hand, Splice deepened their point of view on their company and created clarity across the many aspects of the platform. Now, when they speak to emerging musical creators worldwide, they speak consistently across brand, marketing, and product in a way that engages and inspires artists to pursue their passion.


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