PatagoniaWorkwear is new and unique to Patagonia. The category is focused on a new type of customer whose professions and interests focus on hard work and a connection to the earth – not a sport or hobby.

In promoting this new collection, our focus was on achieving ambitious growth targets without compromising the integrity of the Patagonia brand. Given Patagonia's commitment to its values-driven ethos, aligning product launches with these principles is fundamental. Leveraging digital tools and content optimization, we successfully reached new audiences, boosted sales, and upheld a compelling narrative.

Role: Creative Director
Client: Patagonia
Agency: Instrument
Year: 2019

For the Fall 2019 campaign, our creative focus was centered around hemp, serving as our guiding narrative thread. We explored the unique characteristics of hemp, as well as its environmental and product advantages.

To enhance our customers' understanding and connection with our Workwear line, we crafted narratives around real people. From a hemp farmer in Kentucky to an amateur gardener or a salvage woodworker, we showcased our products in the context of authentic work scenarios. This approach allowed viewers to grasp the benefits of our products in a manner consistent with the storytelling ethos of the Patagonia brand.

Furthermore, we utilized audience behavior insights specific to each channel to inform our creative strategy. For instance, on platforms like Hulu and YouTube, we crafted custom diegetic soundscapes for our videos, immersing viewers in the story's setting and action. This innovative approach disrupted traditional advertising norms on these channels, providing a more engaging and impactful experience for our audience.


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