Next On NetflixKeen to build anticipation for a big year in television, Netflix wanted to build a campaign around their slate reveal for the new year. With a diverse array of shows and films scheduled to premiere in 2024, including old favorites like the Beverly Hills Cop reboot, highly anticipated new seasons like Squid Game Season 2, and soon-to-be favorites like Griselda, the streaming service aimed to showcase its expansive content offerings.

To pull it all together Netflix approached us to develop a flexible campaign idea and design system that captured the essence of the brand while effectively highlighting the content. The resulting campaign, titled 'Next On Netflix,' capitalizes on the anticipation of 'what's next' – whether it's the next episode, season, or generation of entertainment. This campaign is about keeping that feeling going all year long, maintaining excitement and engagement with the platform.

To elevate the brand's visual identity, we introduced a dynamic design system characterized by forward momentum. Inspired by the motion of a film reel or VHS tape, our dimensional cylinder animation captures attention with its bold, urgent movement. This distinctive element of dimensionality extends across all surfaces, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence.

Given the scale of the campaign, we adopted a comprehensive 360° approach, influencing everything from social, to targeted billboards, to a long-form trailer.


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