Living Edge 
After a decade online, luxury furniture retailer Living Edge embarked on a complete refurbishment – a new website designed to showcase their brand and products in the best possible light.

As one of Australia's leading furniture and interior design companies, they aimed to create an online store that replicated the experience of their physical stores, ensuring that the digital journey was as immersive as visiting one of their showrooms.

With a heritage linked to Herman Miller, Living Edge embodies timeless quality, structured elegance, and sophistication. In rejuvenating the brand, we developed a website that captured these core qualities, setting a fresh standard for both their online and offline presence.

Role: Creative Director
Client: Living Edge
Agency: Instrument
Year: 2019

When they first approached us to reimagine Living Edge’s digital presence we realised there wasn’t much of a connection between  the brand and its actual products. Their physical shops looked great but anything beyond that, especially their digital presence, needed some attention. To us it was important to create brand consistency and to achieve that, we had to further develop their brand.

We started using the actual products as inspiration to create a new direction for their brand that articulates Living Edge’s distinctive qualities. In doing so, we set a style for not only their online but also their offline presence. It was a massive undertaking, but it really helped redefine the voice of the brand and helped tell their story.

Living On is the soul of Living Edge – it’s the brands commitment to taking responsibility for their impact on the environment. With the prospect of an ongoing web series, this video aimed to expand the Living On program beyond the usual ‘annual report’ model into something a little more memorable and meaningful.


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