Borrowed TimesBorrowed Times is a film made up of photographs found on eBay. Like the memories held within the rings of a tree, these photos have been hiding in dusty attics and storerooms for decades, sometimes even centuries.

Yet the plants, the trees, the animal life, they all have their history and their stories to tell. They are alive. They a l w a y s have been. No matter what’s happening in the world – politics, war, a new iPhone, the internet – nature is timeless. It is omnipresent.

Yet the thing that dates these photos, is also the thing that is compromising the land. It is us. The land has gradually turned into a passive backdrop against which human history unfolds. In stark contrast with the Indigenous Communities that lived a rich and reverent relationship with the land, we lost our basic animistic and participatory experience of a world all alive, awake, and aware. Nature no longer speaks with a thousand voices.

Instead, forests are burning. Species are pushed towards extinction. Carbon dioxide continues to enter our atmosphere, while the evidence of climate change is still being downplayed and distorted by governments and media outlets.

This film is an ode to Earth, but also a warning. We’re on borrowed times. And it’s getting  l a t e.

Role: Filmmaker
Client: Self-Initiated

Year: 2020


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