TwitterIn 2020 Twitter was in the midst of an evolution as a company, recommitting themselves to serving the global public conversation and updating their parent brand to match their new vision. Transforming their Developer sub-brand was a big part of this growth.  

We worked closely with the Twitter team to reimagine, rename, and relaunch their developer- focused brand and website to inspire and enable individuals and companies worldwide to use their rebuilt APIs and power the future of innovation on and off Twitter.

Role: Exec. Creative Director
Client: Twitter
Agency: Instrument
Year: 2020

We knew we couldn’t work on the new brand and not reach out to the target audience—an audience with very particular tastes and opinions. To help the Twitter Developer Platform team understand developer's unique needs and the language that resonates most with them, we conducted both foundational research and language and design testing across the US, India, and Japan.

Through close collaboration with the Twitter team and multiple rounds of global research and testing, we developed a new naming system, brand value proposition, principles, tasks, and a complete messaging framework representing a new vision for the Developer brand.

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