Partering with Notion we created their first international brand campaign, "For Your Life's Work” — proving that Notion is made for both work and life.

Role: Creative Director
Client: Notion
Agency: Instrument
Year: 2022

To date, most of Notion’s customer base was centered around personal use. We were tasked with the goal of reaching professional audiences, growing tech companies, and larger businesses to show how Notion can fit into their work lives, making them easier and more well-balanced.

To reach a new audience, we needed to try a new approach. When we close our eyes, we can all imagine what a tech company looks, feels, and sounds like. There’s a homogenous feel to the ways they show up in the world. As a product, Notion is different from the norm. More tactile, more responsive to a user’s needs, and more down-to-earth. To break through, we needed to create a marketing campaign that could stand out in a crowded category.

To stay true to the spirit of the product, we focused our storytelling on the human value of Notion rather than the product benefits. We hoped to not just show the value, but ultimately, to make people feel it—and want to experience it for themselves.

To meet our audience where they live (and work), we produced out-of-home experiences and campaign touchpoints in three major markets throughout the US, UK, and Japan. Takeovers spanned across print, digital billboards, kiosks, metro, connected TV, and all over social media.

These weren't just American stories translated and recreated across multiple regions, but messaging tailored to the unique needs and experiences of each market.


Jack currently serving as Executive Creative Director at INSTRUMENT—a brand experience agency based in PDX and NYC.

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