Titled ‘Nicelands’, this project documents my travels through Iceland and the fjords of Norway—resulting in a book brimming with nature, punctuated by hikes, camping, and fortuitous encounters.

Role: Photographer & Writer
Project: Book
Year: 2015

I don't see myself as a photographer, I don't think I have the skill or the experience to warrant that kind of a formal title. Since we were living and breathing these moments, it was more about intuitively documenting the experience, rather than trying to capture a story. It's liberating in a way and it allowed me to observe closely and lett those moments guide me as they occured.

It was important that the book was tactile, personal and natural—stripping things back to its essence and letting the images speak for themselves. The barren landscape, the volcanoes, the active geysers; a journey through Iceland transforms the earth into an otherworldly scenery that sets the tone, and a tells a story in itself.

The images are paired with short stories and anecdotes ranging from life-risking hikes and preparing good coffee huddled under a pitched tent.


Jack De Caluwé is a graphic designer and filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon USA. Currently serving as Executive Creative Director at Instrument—a brand experience agency.

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