“For All Things Worth Saving” is Dropbox’s first-ever brand platform, aimed to put human value at the center of how the brand engage with their audience.

Role: Creative Director
Client: Dropbox
Agency: Instrument
Year: 2021
All of Dropbox’s customers—from musicians, to photographers, to marine biologists, personal archivers, and more—have one important thing in common: they care about their files. Yes, they are JPEGs, MOVs, DOCs, RAWs, and PNGs, but they are also passion projects, innovations, memories, and history, and they are worthy of a safe space to live.

This insight became the foundation of our campaign platform, “For All Things Worth […]” – a statement that aims to highlighting and celebrate the human stories behind our digital files. It’s not simply a tagline or a one-off campaign: It is a long-term brand philosophy and belief that will drive and guide marketing and communications across the Dropbox brand experience.

Our first campaign, “For All Things Worth Saving,” focuses on file storage, but seeks out the humanity in it — emphasizing the emotional value of our digital files and artifacts. It centers around eight customers – including artists like like Chaz from Toro y Moi, to businesses like Creativity Explored and the USA Bobsled team, and personal archivers like Dominique King and Brian Freeman.

Rather than focussing on their experiences with the product, our stories found their center in their most important files and folders. When you ask someone to share their life stories, oftentimes you get the big milestones, but these files seem to serve as little time capsules for the finer, more nuanced details.
That approach to storytelling was freeing for us. Rather than chasing celebrity endorsement, we were able to focus entirely on finding the stories that we felt were worth telling.

We adopted a multi-media approach, producing outdoor, digital, connected tv, and social media content, as well as other brand activations across a variety of audience segments and channels. The result is an irreverent, hyper-local, undeniably human body of work that celebrates Dropbox’s customers and their stories.

In partnership with It’s Nice That, Dropbox also created a digital archive, digging deep into The Ulm School of Design’s many masterpieces and explore why it became an industry-defining period of design history. This exclusive digital archive marks a significant moment in bringing the design school’s treasured artefacts to a screen near you.


Jack currently serving as Executive Creative Director at INSTRUMENT—a brand experience agency based in PDX and NYC.

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