We worked with Splice to prepare the brand for the future — evolving from a tech company that talks about music to a music company with roots in tech, that lives and breathes music.

Role: Creative Director
Client: Splice
Year: 2019
As a company Splice had been growing at a rapid pace, and had gradually lost its way. This lack of focus created a fractured brand experience – with disperate entitities (the sounds marketplace, the software marketplace, the backup and collaboration tool) – and a lack of clarity around mission and positioning.

After a series of stakeholder interviews, a real sense of vision and belief behind the brand became clear. The Splice of the future is not a product but a platform, synonymous with music creation, a creative home for anyone who wants to make music. The mission is to democratize music production and allow artists of all types and skill levels — from beginners to chart-toppers to shape the future of sound.

Rooted in the mission, our goal was to evolve the way the brand communicates (visually and through messaging) as a cohesive platform that helps creators of all levels make their music. We’re looking to establish a distinct brand personality that resonates with our audience while remaining timeless and true to our ethos.

This meant a new comprehensive kit of parts, including a unified brand system, color palette, tone of voice, photography, typography, and a robust brandmark system that established the relationship between the parents brand and all of the subbrands.

The creative direction reflects what we called Splice’s “Challenger” persona. The Challenger positions Splice as youthful and rebellious risk-takers that rail against the norm, provide new perspectives on old ideas, and embrace everyone, no matter who they are or the music they make. We blended powerful visuals, evocative copy, and systems thinking across various branded assets, from social posts to music packs, to declare this new persona.

Equipped with a new identity and a brand toolkit to provide future guidance, Splice deepened their point of view and created clarity and organization across the many aspects of the platform. Now, when they speak to emerging musical creators worldwide, they speak a consistent visual and verbal language across brand, marketing, and product that engages and inspires artists to create what’s next.


Jack currently serving as Executive Creative Director at INSTRUMENT—a brand experience agency based in PDX and NYC.

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