With the aim to reach a broader, more diverse audience, we worked with Google to re-launch a more accessible and inclusive Science Fair. 

Role: Creative Director
Client: Google
Agency: Instrument
Year: 2018
Google Science Fair, a global science contest for students aged 13-18, provides a product experience that ignites student passion for science, grows their confidence, and adds subtle guidance to help participants envision a better world. By helping to re-launch a more accessible, inclusive and intuitive Science Fair, we reached a significantly broader audience and increased participation by 100%.

We extended Google Science Fair's brand guidelines—including iconography, illustration, and a system of brand and UI elements—to create a framework that guided us through the creation of the marketing website, educational resources, and a revamped student submission tool.

From brand to experience, we needed to consider the unique needs and perceptions of a global market. To create seamless content for all users, our brand, product designs, educational materials, and documentation had to account for 15 languages and meet WCAG AA requirements.

In partnership with It’s Nice That, Dropbox also created a digital archive, digging deep into The Ulm School of Design’s many masterpieces and explore why it became an industry-defining period of design history. This exclusive digital archive marks a significant moment in bringing the design school’s treasured artefacts to a screen near you.


Jack De Caluwé is a graphic designer and filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon USA. Currently serving as Executive Creative Director at Instrument—a brand experience agency.

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